10 Scientific(ish) Reasons Music Festivals Are Good for The Soul
Think 11.18.2016

10 Scientific(ish) Reasons Music Festivals Are Good for The Soul

There’s no doubt about it­–we feel strongly about music festivals. But as it turns out, it may be more than a feeling, it may actually be science. Check out our ten scientific (and not so scientific) reasons festivals are nourishment for your soul.



1. They’re Fiscally Responsible

Music festivals are a sure-fire way to stretch your hard earned cash. Think about it– In a given weekend, attendees not only get the chance to experience their favorite live acts, but an almost overwhelming amount of unique installations, immersive art displays and food options. Considering most concerts today cost anywhere from $15-100+ a ticket, a festival pass pays for itself within the first day if utilized correctly. $300 for a weekend? We say: Worth it.


2. They’re Once in a Lifetime

With new festivals emerging each year, promoters are constantly looking for ways to differentiate their offerings and make something completely unique. Attendees don’t just get the lineup promised on their tickets, but festivals now often add surprise elements to maximize their buzz and appeal. From Hologram Tupac at Coachella to unannounced set crashers (like Kendrick Lamar and Chance the Rapper at Earth, Wind and Fire) the unexpected and one of a kind are now critical pieces of a festival experience.


3. They Make You Sweat  

All that getting down adds up. A study by Withings found you can burn upwards of 9,000 calories in a festival weekend. That’s the equivalent of 34 hours of Hot yoga, 13 SoulCycle classes, or 29 hours of running. And for those willing to go the extra mile (literally), many festivals offer health and wellness activities such as dancercise, yoga and our 5k Roo Run. So ditch the treadmill and put on your dancing shoes– but don’t forget to hydrate and reward yourself with a slice or three of Spicy Pie afterwards.  


4. They Make You Popular

Great music, great people, and great vibes— A music festival is a pressure cooker for friend-making on a deeper level. With thousands of like-minded, high-fiving humans under the same (figurative) roof, it’s no surprise many people have life changing encounters and return home with a “fest fam.” Bonnaroovian communities in particular go beyond a simple Facebook friend request. Sites such as InfoRoo and our Reddit Page provide attendees insider tips, guides, and forums to keep the positivity going long after they leave The Farm. 


5. They Open Your Mind

With their cultivated safe spaces for boundless creativity and positivity, music festivals are the perfect setting to explore other perspectives and even parts of yourself. Whether you partake in a healthy lifestyle class at The Academy, soak up the colorful festival styles, or swap stories with a new friend, you’re bound to learn a thing or two.


6. They Relieve Stress

Festivals have always served as a much needed escape from the daily grind– your biggest hardship is learning the name and location of each stage–but it turns out they can do more for your health than you even realized. Scientists recently conducted a study that demonstrated live music’s lessening effect on participants’ cortisol levels. Which is good news, because too much of the hormone can lead to heart disease, hypertension, diabetes. The study found live music can also positively affect a bunch of other chemicals in the body, leading to overall improved mental and physical health!


7. They Keep You Current   

Festivals are a great way to see acts you already love and get exposed to lesser known artists not yet on your radar. Early afternoon acts and side-stage performances usually draw smaller crowds and offer a kind of “sampling platter” of the best upcoming acts. Fans of My Morning Jacket know they first performed at Bonnaroo in 2004 to a crowd of 500 head-banging fans. Since then, they’ve headlined the fest 7 times and amassed a global following. The lesson? Do yourself and your street cred a favor: Make the most of your festival pass and give the little guys a chance. Who knows, you could just walk away with a new favorite band.


8. They Let You Unplug (Kind of) 

Though modern festival technology has made it possible to update and check in minute by minute, the festival atmosphere offers a rare chance to detach. Emails and newsfeeds take a backseat when you’re surrounded by unbeatable live music and thousands of new friends. So take pictures, send snaps, but don’t lose sight of why you came to the fest in the first place. Because if you’re too focused on your phone, you could just miss a Big Boi pop-up performance.


9. They Bring Out Your Childlike Wonder

There’s an “anything goes” atmosphere present at music festivals that can bring out the inner-child in us all. Within the festival grounds we’re able to accept the weird, the strange, and the wonderful moments absent from our usual routines. Dress up in a rainbow onesie? Why not. Breakout your signature dance move? Please do. Eat ice cream for breakfast? Whatever floats your boat. There is no judgment to be passed, and that’s why we can’t get enough.


10. Simply Put, They’re a Culmination of Your Favorite Things 

In what other environment can you play a round of mini-golf with a lobster roll hanging out of your mouth, get married in a pop-up chapel, register to vote, fall into a second line parade, paint a mural, make new friends for life, and see LCD Soundsystem reunited all before midnight? Music Festivals!