12 Brands You Should Be Following On Social
Superfly 3.17.2017

12 Brands You Should Be Following On Social

What makes a brand truly worth your follow? While it’s mostly personal preference, there are a few differentiating factors that can set an account apart. These 12 brands are some of our Superfly favorites, combining their unique blends of humor, wit, and creativity to exemplify today’s social best practices and engage audiences in a meaningful way. And some of these could surprise you!

Though global fashion brand Milly has always had a reputation for high fashion, they wanted to really capture attention for their fall 2016 collection. With a little help from the brilliant minds at Sagmeister Walsh, Milly got heads turning and fansscrolling with a total Instagram overhaul. Bright pops of colors, whimsical designs, and wild imagination are expertly combined to create one amazing feed that’s continuously worth the ‘ol double tap. 

Looking at FedEx’s feed, it’s easy to forget they’re a packaging and shipping brand. It’s an account that demonstrates its utility by playing up the strengths of Instagram’s visually-focused platform. While scrolling through images of beautiful scenery and unique locations, you not only get some serious wanderlust, but also the subtle realization that FedEx really is the company dedicated to getting your stuff wherever it needs to go. And we mean wherever.

In a time when the typical office, and the typical employee, are undergoing major changes, WeWork gives entrepreneurs and freelancers something they can get excited about. With pictures of immaculately designed interiors, intricate typography and scenic views, you can’t be blamed for catching a case of wanderlust and attempting to pack up your stuffy desk ASAP (which I guess, may be the point). So next time you’re stuck on your couch–or in your cubicle–take a scroll through WeWork’s Instagram and know your dream office is waiting. 


Bagel Bites 
This one is an office favorite. Bagel Bites is a true hidden gem of a brand on Facebook that deserves your follow immediately. Their posts appeal to (kind of) adults and teens alike, combining both 90’s nostalgia and current memes and putting their pizza-centric spin on it. It’s weird, it’s random, and sometimes it’s plain stupid, but we always find something to laugh at and click like on. 

Fans of this breakout makeup brand love them for their clean look and inclusive, feminine vibes. Their eye for design carries over on social, with their mix of high-gloss and amateur images serving almost like an e-catalogue. Additionally, thanks to the brand’s monumental success, they often post interviews and editorial mentions from across the web, further curating their page as a destination for the modern beauty fanatic. 

Last Week Tonight
Since its debut in 2013, John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight has become a frontrunner of the political comedy genre. What’s great about this show is that their writers understand the ecosystem of the internet– their viral stunts get worldwide press, tons of social chatter and at times, thousands of dollars in donations. Their Facebook page serves as a hub for everything that happens on the show, dispersing video clips and show updates. But as an added treat for followers, they also post online exclusive video content and illustrations, adding extra incentive for those who want to be in the know and continuously entertained. 


Saturday Night Live 
SNL’s 42-year run is no doubt due largely to its cult-like fan base. And for fans on Twitter, every night is Saturday night. SNL’s feed is filled with behind-the-scenes pictures, video clips, and artist highlights to immerse followers in every aspect of the show. Additionally, their feed not only extends the life and relevancy of each episode beyond its air date, but allows them to seamlessly flow from one week to the next. 

Spotify understands the music we listen to is at the heart of pretty much everything we do. They use their feed to join conversations around everything from sports to politics, with content ranging from themed playlist to artists interviews–even a message from President Obama! And for those of us stuck in a music rut, Spotify constantly showcases their newest playlists and releases, making it easier than ever to find your next favorite jam.

Founded in 2013, Casper has been at the forefront of the mattress buying-revolution, with Twitter leading their charge. Casper’s tweets are hilarious and current, offering “heard that” moments for anyone who’s ever struggled through a day at the office. But taking it to the next level, Casper also rewards followers with surprise and delight moments such as surprise hangover-helper boxes and last minute dinner reservations. Guess they really know how to make “dreams” come true. 


Sour Patch Kids
This Snapchat brings life to the candy’s famous tag line “First they’re sour, then they’re sweet”. Using Snapchat’s quick, storytelling capabilities, they’ve turned brand equity into snackable entertainment, in the process creating a deeper level of consumer loyalty and engagement that’s never forced. Follow Sour Patch Kids to see the occasional story of costumed life-sized Gummies, along with their human counterparts on a mission for pranks and general hilarity. 

Everyone’s favorite delivery service is continually serving up more to love on Snapchat. An early brand adaptor of the platform, GrubHub uses Snapchat to communicate with its largely millennial audience of food-fanatics in groundbreaking ways. They even had a doodle-contest to find an intern (the only brand to date to use Snapchat as a recruiting tool). For those simply looking for entertainment, GrubHub’s stories are fun and unique, and occasionally reward followers with the random discount code (hint, hint). 

Everlane is a clothing company built on the mantra of “radical transparency”, providing their consumers a clear understanding of how and where their clothes are made. Everlane’s Snapchat continues this brand story, with stories dedicated to collection previews, office tours, and behind-the-scenes sneak peaks. As an early brand adapter of the platform, Everlane pioneered the concept of showcasing merchandise through snaps, and they continue to set the bar for branded Snapchat content.