2015 Bonnaroo Sustainability Report
Superfly 3.25.2016

2015 Bonnaroo Sustainability Report

Each year at Bonnaroo we strive to create a more sustainable experience for our fans, community — and ultimately — the world. We’re really proud of how our eco-conscious programs have evolved over the years and how committed our community is to helping make a difference.

2015 was a record setting year for our sustainability efforts and our latest Sustainability Report shows off some of the incredible things our fans, vendors, and community have helped us accomplish at Bonnaroo. We’ve highlighted some of these achievements below, and you can view the full 2015 report here. You can also find out more about all of Bonnaroo’s past and coming sustainability projects here.


In 2013, we made Bonnaroo the first major North American festival to utilize solar arrays. So awesome, right? Since then, we’ve continued to expand the use of solar across The Farm, using summer sunshine to power everything from cell phone charging stations to stages, and offsetting more than 20% of our energy usage. Our fans care so much about sustainability that their optional donations have funded our solar panels a year earlier than anticipated — making way for even more opportunities in 2016.


To secure the best future for our planet, it’s crucial that people understand what they can do everyday to help keep our earth beautiful. That’s why we’re committed to making Planet Roo, our Bonnaroo village dedicated to eco and social activism, bigger and better with each year. In 2015, we partnered with over 25 non-profit organizations to provide lessons on growing your own food, keeping riverways clean, and so much more.


Our Bonnaroo Food Recovery program, an effort to donate food to families in need, collected over 29,000 pounds of food in 2015, and we did so with only four volunteers running the program! This goes to show just how much of a difference a few dedicated contributors can make. They made daily runs with Bonnaroo caterers and spent Monday after the festival working with all the food vendors on site to collect usable leftover food. Food was donated to Meadow Wood Senior Home, Ridge Crest Mental Health Home, Grundy County Jail, as well as to a number of kids summer programs.


If you’ve ever cleaned up after a party, you can only imagine how much waste a festival can make! That’s why we have dozens of initiatives to keep Bonnaroo’s waste to a minimum. After the festival, we recycle, reuse, and sustainably dispose of whatever remains that we possibly can. In 2015, our fans doubled the number of reusable cups and water bottles we distributed for our Refill Revolution, cutting back on plastic and aluminum waste in a major way. With the help of our friends at Clean Vibes, we diverted over two-thirds of Bonnaroo’s waste from landfills. Tons of scrap metal, cardboard, PVC, and cooking oil was sent to organizations for recycling, and tarps, tents, and other usable goods were donated to local groups for reuse.


The Bonnaroo Works Fund in 2015 granted $300,000 to nonprofit organizations dedicated to enriching lives through art, music, education, and sustainability. Those four days on The Farm drive year round benefits and support to help local and national organizations drive change within their own communities.