Behind the Scenes of Cocktail Magic
Taste 3.17.2016

Behind the Scenes of Cocktail Magic

We’re pulling the curtain back on our newest passion project, Cocktail Magic, combining the tastiest cocktails, trendiest bartenders, top shelf tunes, delicious food and mind-blowing feats of magic. We sat down with Kerry Black, Superfly co-founder and mastermind behind Cocktail Magic, to get the inside scoop on why Superfly chose to pursue the combination of cocktails, magic, and music.

Cocktails, magic, and did you come up with the idea behind Cocktail Magic?

The success we saw from highlighting the San Francisco culinary and beverage offerings at Outside Lands compelled our team to tap into this space for Cocktail Magic. We wanted to design a similar converged experience, but this time honing in on the craft of the cocktail due to a huge boom in this market, with elements of magic and music strewn in. Five years ago most places had a wine list, but not necessarily one for cocktails. These days it’s rare to go into a large restaurant and not see that evening’s cocktail menu. On a personal level, I’m passionate about cocktails and culinary, and here at Superfly we follow our passions as we decide what to pursue next. As with everything we produce and stand behind, we want to provide a complete experience. That’s why along with showcasing the best cocktails, we are rounding it out with magic, music, and great food.

So you’re a cocktail lover. Tell us about your favorite!

My biggest crutch is an amazing cocktail from New Orleans called the sazerac. A sazerac is traditionally rye whiskey, demerara sugar, angostura bitters, Peychaud bitters, and an absinthe rinse. It’s delicious. The original version of the cocktail was actually with cognac.

Since there’s a cocktail boom right now, what’s the scene like for cocktail events?

There are plenty of cocktail events out there, but most of them are industry-driven. Cocktail Magic is putting a spotlight on the bars and the bartenders — the real stars of the cocktail world.

Cocktail Magic has a pair of amazing “Spirit Guides.” What kind of experience have they planned for us?

Julie Reiner  and Andy Seymour are the ones who helped curate the event. We’ve worked with them to select the best-of-the best bars, bartenders, and cocktails. They have been key to putting this event together.

What about the magic? Have you ever incorporated illusionists into events before?

I have this obsession with magic, or at least the word “magic.” It has a fun feel to it. The original idea was that we would be showcasing the magic of these amazing cocktails. Once the name came into play, we spun off the “magic” bit by bringing in magicians to perform. And since we’re Superfly, we wanted to top it off with some great music. Together it all creates a really compelling, comprehensive event. Previously we’ve used magic at GastroMagic. At Cocktail Magic, we will have Jon Armstrong (LA’s Magic Castle) perform magic and MC the stage.

Attention cocktail and magic lovers: Cocktail Magic will be coming to New York City on March 19th, and Boston on March 26th. Tickets are on sale now—we’ll see you there! You can follow along for all things Cocktail Magic on Instagram @cocktailmagicFacebook, and Twitter @CocktailMagic16.