How We Caffeinate
Taste 4.6.2015

How We Caffeinate

Taste 4.06.2015

Like brushing your teeth or putting on pants, coffee is an essential part of our morning routine at Superfly. And while a hot cup of joe from the communal pot in the kitchen will usually do, nothing beats strolling into your favorite neighborhood coffee shop for that perfectly brewed pick-me-up.

With cafés on every corner, it’s hard to know where to begin. That’s where we come in. We asked a few of our resident coffee connoisseurs for their local favorites and got the scoop on where you can find the nectar of the caffeine gods, tasty pastries, and even the occasional pet turtle...

Superfly's Brooklyn dwellers rejoiced when Toby's Estate, the beloved Australian coffee outpost in Williamsburg, crossed the East River into Manhattan and landed a block from our NYC office. Tucked quietly into the front of a bookstore-retail hybrid, what it lacks in seating space it makes up for in quality. They do their own small-batch roasting at their Brooklyn location, where they also offer lessons in everything from brewing coffee at home to latte art with their innovative Brew School sessions. At "our" Toby's in Manhattan, stop by for the specialty Flatiron Espresso that it claims as its cornerstone, or any of the hand-brewed "fresh and exclusive rotating Direct Farm coffees from Honduras, Colombia, Panama and Ethiopia." Want to pay homage to the establishment's Australian edge? Try a Flat White - a velvety espresso drink hovering somewhere between a cortado and a cappuccino.

Bonus? There's homemade Pop-Tarts...

-Caitlin Maloney, Creative Services Coordinator

As fierce as a red-eye, and buttery as a croissant, Craftsman & Wolves gives “a nod to the craftsman and the numerous challenges that one faces when pursuing their craft.” Located on Valencia Street in San Francisco’s Mission District (directly across from Superfly’s office), Craftsman & Wolves serves up strong coffee by Higher Coffee Roasters, and a delicious array of sweet and savory house made contemporary pastries (must try: The Rebel Within) to locals and visitors from across the world. There is nothing like friendly service and bad-ass coffee to get your day started. 

-Amy Powell, Customer Service Manager

There's something about this local coffee shop that makes me swoon. Maybe it's the always interesting music selection, the freshly baked goods (including pie!), or the adorable and quirky baristas and their pet turtle. (Her name is BeeBee and she's been at the cafe longer than most of the employees!) As a creature of habit, each morning I stop for a coffee on my way into work. Conveniently, Jupiter Outpost is just a hop and a skip away from the Chicago Superfly office located on Fulton Market in the West Loop.

-Ashley Boll, Social Media Manager