Let Music Move You
Superfly 10.27.2016

Let Music Move You

Every day in New York City, we get up, grudgingly get ready for the day, rush to the nearest subway as we untangle headphones, and then ignore our neighbors as we immerse ourselves in playlists and podcasts. What we often tune out is the incredible music surrounding the hustle.

In partnership with JetBlue, VH1 Save the Music, and creative agency Rokkan, we gave a special nod to three musicians who often [like many] go unnoticed on the streets and subway platforms, creating the soundtrack for this concrete jungle.

The camera follows three NYC artists, Jesse Cohen, Zack Orion, and Najah Lewis, who agreed to take part in a documentary about busking in the city.

“The way you feel when you’re listening to some music on the train, the feeling of movement...it’s like the backdrop of your day, or your life, or what’s going on in that moment.”


The artists discuss the grit, attitude, and hard work that is required for this lifestyle. As Najah puts it, “NYC is a tough crowd. If you can get them to take off their headphones, I feel like that’s an accomplishment.”

Watch it all unfold here