Let the Good Times Roll!
Superfly 2.17.2015

Let the Good Times Roll!

Superfly 2.17.2015

Superfly's New Orleans roots are on full display today.  Mardi Gras embodies the culture and heritage of a city that is a continuous source of inspiration to Superfly.  This post is a quick trip down memory lane on what influence Mardi Gras has had on the founders, our culture and our work.  Mardi Gras veterans and Superfly co-founders, Kerry Black and Rick Farman chimed in on how Fat Tuesday is unlike any other day of the year.  

What does Mardi Gras mean to you?
Kerry Black: Favorite day of the year, every year. An amazing celebration of life.

Rick Farman: Mardi Gras is the best party I have ever been to. It's about total revelry and creativity. It's about everyone just letting loose on Tuesday, when the rest of the world is having a normal work day. It's about the special culture, tradition and community that is New Orleans. 

How many times have you been?
KB: This is my 18th in a row!

RF: This is my first year missing it since moving to New Orleans in 1995.

What keeps you going back?
KB: Everyone needs a good soul cleansing once a year.

How does Mardi Gras influence your work at Superfly?
KB: We have always tried to incorporate elements of our time in New Orleans at our events. The obvious example is the Mardi Gras style parades we do at Bonnaroo.

RF: Keeps the New Orleans in me. Lets me experience pure revelry like many fans do at our events.

And if you're not currently dancing in the streets of New Orleans, we created a playlist of our favorite New Orleans and Mardi Gras inspired tunes to transport you.  And if you are currently dancing in the streets of New Orleans, why in the hell are you reading this?? Go let the good times roll!