Meet Jennifer Justice, President Corporate Development!
Superfly 5.3.2016

Meet Jennifer Justice, President Corporate Development!

Jennifer Justice, President of Corporate Development at Superfly, joins us following her tenure at Jay-Z’s co-owned entertainment company, Roc Nation. Prior to her role as EVP, Jennifer served as general counsel to Roc Nation and as Jay-Z's personal entertainment attorney for 17 years. Aside from having the best name ever, Jennifer brings a super cool and dynamic perspective to the team. We’re really excited to welcome her into the Superfly fam. We sat down with Jennifer to learn more about her new role (a position first of its kind at Superfly!) and why she’s so excited to join the team.

How did you get introduced to Superfly?

I met members of the Superfly team at Bonnaroo in 2010. I knew of the company as the law firm I used to work for represented them, so their name would come up in every weekly meeting. But I met Jonathan  Mayers and Rich Goodstone officially when Jay-Z headlined Bonnaroo in 2010.

What about working with Superfly has you most excited?

There are so many amazing original projects that we can produce. It’s exciting to see that the team is open to expanding in very creative and innovative ways. There’s also a lot of opportunity and growth taking place at Superfly now.

You have an extensive law, business development, and marketing background. How will that come into play in your role as President, Corporate Development?

I look at everything through the lens of a lawyer. I’ve experienced a lot of amazing opportunities in my life and have networked a ton. Having done so, I’ve been able to get to know the business and the background and, ultimately, this can help expand the Superfly portfolio.  

You also give back in many ways through the Women Inspiration Enterprise Network. Why is giving back so important?

I am from a single teenage welfare mother. It doesn’t really make sense that I’m here. I had no mentors growing up, and when people ask me how it happened, I tell them that I don’t know, because I don’t.

But it’s important to give back and mentor others to help them get past whatever it is that may be keeping them from moving forward. Yes, I’ve had some really great experiences, and it’s not always easy for me to sit back and say, “I’ve made it and had all of this success.” But it’s my obligation to do so and talk about the struggles and how I did it. My story can inspire others. It’s showing the younger generation that you can beat the odds -- if you see it, you can be it. I’m very passionate about empowering women. When I started out as a lawyer and was representing both female and male executives, I got to see firsthand how differently they were paid -- for no reason. No different merit, no different anything.

What are some of the things on your bucket list and which ones have you crossed off?

Down the line, I would love to dedicate a lot of my time to a charitable organization. My kids already have a different upbringing than mine, and it’s important to continue to provide them with real sensibilities. I’ve traveled to so many places and lived in Europe for a while. Of course when you travel to some places, you always want to go back. I don’t really have a bucket list. I never wanted to put a list together -- I just want to keep doing what I want to do. And it changes all the time.

What was your favorite show at Bonnaroo?

It was amazing to see Jay-Z headlining Bonnaroo. It’s one of his favorite shows. Stevie Wonder performed right before him, which was really awesome. I love that people are at Bonnaroo because of the experience and the music.

Who is the one celebrity you would bring with you if stranded on an island?

Any celebrity chef who could convert the sand to wine!

What’s the app on your phone you can’t really go without?

My main go-to apps are Glamsquad, Via, and Postmates. And then Instagram, but that sucks the life out of me. Some days I ask why I’m late, and it’s because I was scrolling through Instagram and fell down a rabbit hole.

We recently wrapped up Cocktail Magic in NYC and Boston. What’s your go-to cocktail?

Anything with whiskey.