Meet the Summer 2017 Interns!
Superfly 7.27.2017

Meet the Summer 2017 Interns!

It’s Summer ’17 and you know what that means! We’ve gathered a whole new team of interns who chose to migrate from all ends of the country to one of Superfly’s three locations - New York, Chicago and San Francisco. Instead of lounging at the beach this summer, these carefully chosen, ambitious and constantly surprising individuals are learning about all things operations, creative production, business development, client services, creative, strategy, marketing, communications and social. The summer is a whirlwind for Superfly, with a stacked calendar of incredible events, insane festivals, and other new exclusive experiences that our interns help bring to life. Hats off to this group of students for choosing hard work over hammocks this Summer.

Now for your reading pleasure or future hiring needs, please meet the newest Superfly interns!

Name: Sarah Pfeiffer
Department: People & Culture
Superfly Office: New York
Major: Sport & Entertainment Management
Favorite Musician or Band: Adele, Florence + The Machine, Bruce Springstreen
Hidden Talent: I've been told I am very good at storytelling & public speaking. Is that a talent?
Dream Vacation: My dream is to eventually make it to Santorini, Greece but I think Alaska is next on the exploration list.

Name: Kaile Catalano
Department: Agency - Client Services
Superfly Office: New York
Major: Sport & Entertainment Management
Favorite Musician or Band: City and Colour & The Tallest Man On Earth
Hidden Talent: Catfish Detective - I'm really good at uncovering fake online dating profiles and exposing #badliars
Dream Vacation: Staying at one of those overwater bungalows

Name: Charlotte Moore
Department: Communications
Superfly Office: New York
Major: International Studies
Favorite Musician or Band: Mumford and Sons
Hidden Talent: Eating an entire family sized box of kraft mac and cheese
Dream Vacation: Australia



Name: Jordan Smith
Department: Agency - Sponsorships
Superfly Office: New York
Major: Pre-Business (Marketing)
Favorite Musician or Band: Playboi Carti (currently)
Hidden Talent: Amateur Wedding DJ 
Dream Vacation: A Euro trip with all of my friends and family



Name: Ian Curran
Department: Event Operations
Superfly Office: San Francisco
Major: Sociology
Favorite Musician or Band: Gangstarr
Hidden Talent: Hockey 
Dream Vacation: Bali




Name: Elise Marlin
Department: Customer Service
Superfly Office: San Francisco
Major: Martin Bandier Program for Music Business and the Entertainment 
Favorite Musician or Band: Phantogram, Jidenna, and E40
Hidden Talent: Pro at dyeing hair and piercing ears
Dream Vacation: Fyre festival gone right




Name: Molly Grimes
Department: Social
Superfly Office: Chicago
Major: Communications, Public Relations, and Advertising
Favorite Musician or Band: John Mayer, Justin Bieber, and anything in between
Hidden Talent: Dog Whisperer
Dream Vacation: Napping in a hammock on beach in Bora Bora with a Margarita in my hand




Name: Dean Stockwell
Department: Agency Digital Media & Influencer
Superfly Office: New York
Major: Adertising and Studio Art Minor
Favorite Musician or Band: Fleetwood Mac. Like "Tango in the Night" Fleetwood Mac.
Hidden Talent: I can repeatedly crack my left wrist. Don't get jealous.
Dream Vacation: A week at Dollywood


Name: Alicia Guyton
Department: Event Ops & Production
Superfly Office: New York
Major: Communications & Music Industry
Favorite Musician or Band: At the moment, I’m living off of all things HAIM 24/7 
Hidden Talent: I can spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious by memory 
Dream Vacation: Dream scenario is that Beyoncé owns a private island a la Richard Branson, and I’m invited to hang out there indefinitely with the Carter-Knowles fam & friends

Name: Bryce Carr
Department: Corporate Development
Superfly Office: New York
Major: Masters of Business Administration
Favorite Musician or Band: Radiohead
Hidden Talent: R Kelly Ignition (Remix) , Karaoke
Dream Vacation: Japan is next on my list


Name: Julia Carey
Department: Content & Programming
Superfly Office: New York
Major: Communications - PR & History
Favorite Musician or Band: Fun. (RIP), Vampire Weekend, and Chance the Rapper
Hidden Talent: I know every word to every Hamilton song
Dream Vacation: Laying by the beach in the Maldives



Name: Jack-Henry Kay
Department: Creative Production
Superfly Office: New York
Major: Writing and Digital Media Production
Favorite Musician or Band: The Kooks
Hidden Talent: Piano
Dream Vacation: Dubai


Name: Adam Carp
Department: Event Operations
Superfly Office: San Francisco
Major: Political Science
Favorite Musician or Band: Eric Prydz
Hidden Talent: Balancing a bike and not moving.
Dream Vacation: Backpacking throughout Europe with one or two best friends.





Name: Valentina Adarraga
Department: Brand Marketing
Superfly Office: New York
Major: Marketing
Favorite Musician or Band: Finding it really hard to decide between Glass Animals, Alt-J, and Florence and the Machine
Hidden Talent: It's hidden so well even I don't know it ... ¯_(ツ)_/¯ 
Dream Vacation: Finding Neverland

Name: Chiara Brown
Department: Creative
Superfly Office: New York
Major: Media Studies
Favorite Musician or Band: Whitney & The Velvet Underground
Hidden Talent: I can wiggle my ears
Dream Vacation: Iceland