Meet the Spring 2017 Interns!
Superfly 3.16.2017

Meet the Spring 2017 Interns!

We’re back at it with a new batch of interns who came on board to join us in the New York, Chicago, and San Francisco offices–diving head first into all the action as we kicked off with some exciting projects! This group keeps on bringing their fresh and creative ideas to the table. They’ve officially immersed themselves in the goody life, adding their own touch to all things that make up Superfly. 

Name: Alexandra Neuburger
Superfly Dept: Client Services 
Superfly Office: New York 
Major: Event Management 
My favorite musician: Meatloaf (but I have many!)
My hidden talent: Cooking delicious brussel sprouts 
My favorite noise: Rain on a skylight or to be more specific...the popping sound on Rihanna's Anti album

Name: Alicia Guyton 
Superfly Dept: Event Ops & Production
Superfly Office: New York 
Major: Communications & Music Industry 
Your Favorite Musician: Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell (slaying a duet) or Childish Gambino. 
Your Hidden Talent: Does being able to spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious from memory count? 
What is your favorite noise?: That sweet sound of someone typing on a computer keyboard. 


Name: Ashley Juliano 
Superfly Dept: Influencer Marketing
Superfly Office: New York 
Major: Music Industry and Marketing 
My favorite musician: The 1975
My hidden talent: I can sing decently well (especially in the car)
My favorite noise: The keyboard clicks on IOS 10


Name: Caroline Patton 
Superfly Dept: Social 
Superfly Office: Chicago
Major: Recording Industry- Music Business
My favorite musician: The Kooks 
My hidden talent: I can lick my elbow 
My favorite noise: Airplanes taking off 


Name: Cassidy Hart
Superfly Dept: Creative Production 
Superfly Office: New York 
Major: Experience Design 
My favorite musician: The Avett Brothers
My hidden talent: Crossing one eye
My favorite noise: Baby noises 


Name: Claudia Pico 
Superfly Dept: Influencer Relations 
Superfly Office: New York 
Major: Music Business and Entertainment Industries
My favorite musician: Bruno Mars
My hidden talent: Singing 
My favorite noise: The sound of the Coquí back home in Puerto Rico


Name: Donna Thompson 
Superfly Dept: Event Ops- Superfly Properties 
Superfly Office: San Francisco 
Major: MFA Arts Leadership 
My favorite musician: I feel as though this is an unfair question. My musical tastes are too large for me to pinpoint a "favorite" artist.
My hidden talent: I don't know if it is considered a "talent," but I can wiggle my eyeballs.
My favorite noise: Popping bubble wrap

Name: Grant Barron
Superfly Dept: Event Ops - Agency 
Superfly Office: San Francisco 
Major: Communications 
My favorite musician: A tie between Bob Dylan and Michael Jackson!
My hidden talent: Cracking eggs with one hand 
My favorite noise: The ocean 


Name: Hannah Drabin 
Superfly Dept: Brand Marketing
Superfly Office: New York 
Major: Media + Screen Studies/Gender Studies 
My favorite musician: Presently Anderson .Paak
My hidden talent: Dodging questions 
My favorite noise: Kim Possible's beeper (beep beep, ba-beep)


Name: Jack Nunziato 
Superfly Dept: People and Culture 
Superfly Office: New York
Major: Arts and entertainment management 
My favorite musician: The Roots (?uestlove)
My hidden talent: Cleaning up my apartment after my roommates leave all the dishes out
My favorite noise: That sweet crackle noise you hear when dropping the needle on an old, dusty, smelly vinyl record

Name: Joaquin Friedman 
Superfly Dept: Programming + Content 
Superfly Office: New York 
Major: Politics, Philosophy, and Economics 
My favorite musician: Kaytranada at the moment 
My hidden talent: I make a mean breakfast sandwich 
My favorite noise: The sound of my studio monitors turning on 


Name: Julian Duque 
Superfly Dept: Corporate Dev 
Superfly Office: New York 
Major: Music Business 
My favorite musician: Bon Iver 
My hidden talent: Graphic Designer 
My favorite noise: Water falling over rocks


Name: Lindsey Cichonski
Superfly Dept: Corporate Dev
Superfly Office: San Francisco 
Major: Recreation, Parks, and Tourism 
My favorite musician: Beyonce
My hidden talent: Making ice cream disappear 
My favorite noise: The sizzle of bacon in the morning (really, any sound that signal that you are going to eat something delicious)

Name: Maddy Smart
Superfly Dept: Business Development
Superfly Office: New York
Major: Music Business
My favorite musician: Freddie Mercury
My hidden talent: I can sing the Irish National Gaelic.
My favorite noise: Waves

Name: Meg MacDonald
Superfly Dept: Colossal Clusterfest Intern
Superfly Office: New York
Major: Journalism
My favorite musician: Grace & Little Mix 
My hidden talent: I can make a mean omelet & breakfast smoothie. 
My favorite noise: Rainfall

Name: Michael Scott McGinnis 
Superfly Dept: Customer Service 
Superfly Office: San Francisco 
Major: Communications 
My favorite musician: Neil Young 
My hidden talent: I can do the worm 
My favorite noise: Ooga-chaka ooga-ooga Ooga-chaka


Name: Syron Townsend
Superfly Dept: Client Services 
Superfly Office: New York 
Major: Communications
My favorite musician: Diana Ross (the "aside from Beyoncé" was implied)
My hidden talent: Karaoke choreography
My favorite noise: A tie between the sound of my mom's loafers pounding the marble floor of a department store, and the sound of a palate face glitter clunking to my makeup bag 

Name: Zoë Unverferth 
Superfly Dept: Communications 
Superfly Office: New York 
Major: Theatre and Communications 
My favorite musician: Stevie Wonder
My hidden talent: Wiggling my ears 
My favorite noise: Deep, uncontrollable laughter 


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