Our Favorite Outside Lands Moments Over the Past Ten Years
Superfly 7.27.2017

Our Favorite Outside Lands Moments Over the Past Ten Years

Superfly is proud to celebrate ten years of Outside Lands! This festival has become an iconic San Fran mainstay thanks in large part due to the incredible fans, talent culinary, art and comedy that make Golden Gate Park their home year after year! In honor of our 10th anniversary, we’re taking a look back on some of our favorite moments over the years. So sit back, reminisce and get excited for what’s to come in just a few short weeks!




Outside Lands is born! After three years in the making, Outside Lands finally makes its debut at Golden Gate Park. The newbie festival boasts one of the best lineups of the year; Radiohead, Tom Petty, Beck and more have the Bay Area buzzing to see what’s in store. And as they say… the rest is history.



When Pearl Jam took the stage for their unforgettable two-hour set, the Polo Fields were already jam-packed with fans. As Rolling Stone Magazine said, “Hairs stood on end Friday night in Golden Gate Park when tens of thousands of Pearl Jam fans took over vocal duties on ‘Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town,’ singing "hearts and thoughts they fade, faaaaade away," so loud it echoed throughout western San Francisco.” To round out their unforgettable performance, the band played two–yes, two–encores, setting the tone for the rest of the weekend!




In a lineup packed end to end with talent, one performance came out on top: the French pop band, Phoenix. The audience loved singing along to the band’s iconic songs almost as much as they enjoyed frontman Thomas Mars’ crowd surfing (we think he had a good time, too)!



We couldn’t make a list without including one of our all time favorites–Phish! In 2011, they played two out-of-this-world sets, solidifying 2011 as a truly unforgettable year.


CTC_2972 (1).jpg


We love surprises, and Jack White’s pop-up performance in 2012 takes the cake. White and his band played an intimate, mini-concert in the forest beyond the Land’s End stage for an eager crowd of lucky passersby. Check out the video of the performance and experience the rock legend up close and personal.





Talk about a weekend opener! From the moment Paul McCartney took the stage Friday night to the end of his three hour set, he had the audience completely enthralled. His emotionally charged performance gave nod to his time with the Beatles, Wings as well as the work of former bandmates John and George. He even brought two fans on stage, signing their wrists in permanent marker, to grant their wishes and gift them their first tattoos.




In 2014 a new stage appeared at Outside Lands, bringing a level of gourmet to Golden Gate Park. It blended culinary masters with musical and comedy icons in a way that had never been seen before, so of course we called it GastroMagic. The stage offers something weird, wonderful and delicious at all times of the day, including a Superfly favorite and now GastroMagic mainstay, Big Freida and Beignets.




The title of 2015's most memorable moment is tied between these two living legends. Star-on-the rise Kendrick Lamar gave it his all, leaving the crowd speechless in his wake of his raw, no-holds-barred performance. Never one to blend in, Elton John took the stage in a dazzling blue tuxedo and made dreams come true with a show that was uniquely his own.



Withers_DrTeeth_jw_9476 (1).jpg


In 2016, we decided to mix things up a bit and brought Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem to the stage for their first ever live performance! The Sunday afternoon set turned into a sing along, covering classic songs from The Beatles, The Band and The Mowglis–just to name just a few!




With August fast approaching, the countdown to our 10th anniversary celebration is realer than ever! In honor of this momentous occasion, we’re bringing out all the stops to create our most incredible festival weekend yet. Buy your tickets now and join us August 11th as we celebrate the culmination of 10 years of Outside Lands (and many more to come)!