Superfly Honors Dr. King’s Legacy
Superfly 2.1.2017

Superfly Honors Dr. King’s Legacy

Now a company tradition, the Superfly team honored Martin Luther King, Jr. Day with our second annual day of service. In the spirit of Dr. King and his legacy of service, each office closed up shop for the day and volunteered together at community organizations close to our hearts.

In New York, our team worked with two organizations, Mercy Home for Children and Housing Works. Located in Brooklyn, Mercy Home provides essential services for children and adults with developmental disabilities. Their mission is to ensure the quality of life for persons with developmental disabilities through the recognition of each person’s inherent dignity and right to a life filled with learning and love. The Superfly team rolled up their sleeves to clean and paint the creative art therapy rooms where Mercy Home children and adults participate in weekly art, drama and music healing.

But the positive transformations of the day were two-fold. Superfly’s Lance Banks and Taryn Lacroix discussed the impact their experiences at Mercy Home had on them: "I enjoyed breaking out my amateur painting skills!” said Banks. “Painting the rooms and getting them in a better condition provides a more productive space for the kids to focus on the arts and music therapy.”

“It really felt like we were making an impact knowing that we were contributing to this community that helps kids heal through power of music,” added Lacroix.

Across town, another group of New York Superfly’ers joined the volunteer efforts at Housing Works. As the largest community-based AIDS service organization in the United States, the organization aims to end homelessness and AIDS through advocacy and lifesaving services. There, our team assisted with the processing and sorting of donations.

“After we received bins of donated clothes, we tagged each with a price,” explained Nataja Lutkenhouse, Superfly’s Manager of Influencer Relations. She continued, “Once organized and tagged, the clothes then get shipped out to Housing Works shops. It was a good reminder that there are so many small details you don’t think about that go into one item sold. Knowing that our hard work helped contribute to expediting the shipping process gave each rack a purpose.” 

“Having the opportunity to help out at Housing Works was incredible,” said Josh Roth, Superfly’s Director of Programming. “I’ve admired what the organization does for a while now. Getting to see inside the operation and help even just a tiny bit was really rewarding.” 

In San Francisco, the mission of St. Vincent de Paul has been offering services to individuals working to break the cycles of homelessness and domestic violence for over 150 years. The San Francisco team was honored to spend time there. “We worked in both the kitchen and laundry room – preparing and serving food to the homeless, as well as washing sheets and towels that are provided by the shelter,” shared Lindsay Adler, Superfly’s Customer Service Manager. “It was a fantastic experience for all of us to step out of our office and do some good for those in need.” 

And in Chicago, our team returned to the Ronald McDonald House, an organization that strives to help families of children with complex medical needs by providing comfort, compassion, and a sense of community. During the day, our Superfly’ers provided extra hands and helped pack up Christmas trees and holiday decorations. PJ Loughran, Superfly’s Executive Creative Director, even brought along his son to join the Superfly pack for the day!

Dr. King once said, “The time is always right to do right.” His words and actions are a relevant mantra to live by today. One of our company core values states “There is no “I” in Superfly”, and that’s something that we don’t just practice at the office.  Giving back and collaborating with others to spread positivity is an essential component of the Superfly DNA.