The Superfly Filter: Our Guide to Influencer Marketing
Superfly 10.27.2016

The Superfly Filter: Our Guide to Influencer Marketing

Superfly 10.27.2016

Consumers are smarter, more tech-savvy, and more overwhelmed with choices than ever before. It’s this immense clutter and inherent distrust of traditional advertising that’s given rise to Influencer Marketing— promotion and endorsement of a brand by a recognizable personality, whether a celebrity or social star. Our influencer team knows a thing (or seven) about successful engagement, so check out our simple guidelines before you hit the DM’s. 


1. Find the right fit.

Select influencers whose passions, goals, and audience align with your brand vision and who are excited to work with your brand.


2. Engagement matters.

Think beyond celebrity and network size. While reach is important, engagement can be more telling of true influence.


3. Understand what your brand can offer.

Identify your brand assets that can be valuable to the influencer’s goals and utilize them to build the relationship.


4. Collaboration is key.

Influencers know their audience best. Trust their perspective and creativity while keeping a transparent dialogue around brand goals and creative direction.


5. Focus on the influencer’s experience.

The most impactful stories are rooted in life experience. Provide influencers with opportunities to have meaningful experiences with your brand so they can tell an authentic story.

6. Integrate them into your ecosystem.

Utilize your full marketing ecosystem to tell a larger story with influencers. Consider how their content can be integrated into other consumer touchpoints.


7. Cultivate long term relationships.

Treat influencers as you would your best customers (or best friends). Understand how your brand can support their needs and growth over the course of the long term relationship.